Job Description

All My Relations is seeking an experienced narrative audio editor for our ongoing podcast series. Based remotely or in Seattle, the audio editor should demonstrate excellent journalistic instincts and top-notch narrative audio editing skills. You will work on a range of episode types but will be responsible for managing the show’s enterprise work and developing more ambitious storytelling. We are looking for someone who is great at helping a story find its shape, who can go from weighty topics to lighter ones, and who can guide a production from its initial idea to a final, polished episode. You will report to the deputy head of audio and will work closely with All My Relations podcast’s editors, producers and hosts to develop distinctive enterprise audio stories. Top candidates for this position will have a professional background in journalism and audio editing, as well as a demonstrated ability to work under tight deadlines.

All My Relations is a Native American led organization that seeks culturally aware, competent and diverse candidates. This exciting role requires a strong leader with good judgment, an eye for accuracy, consistent character, and the unique ability to attend to details and get things done in an organized fashion. A high level of integrity and professionalism is critical, as is a good sense of humor. A proven track record of taking initiative, working independently, delivering exceptional results and exceeding expectations is important.

The individual will be responsible for editing, mixing/finishing bi-weekly podcasts. Ideal candidate will have extensive professional experience. Candidate must be familiar with Ableton and any major DAW.

This role will be a freelance.

You will:

  • Collaborate with team members to affectively develop and refine the narrative structure of each episode

  • Identify what is working in each story and what needs to be restructured or reimagined

  • Have the unique ability to discern information and create narrative

  • Ensure that all journalistic and legal standards are followed

You have:

  • At least seven years of audio journalism experience, ideally narrative

  • At least four years of experience in an editing role

  • Comfort and proficiency in structuring and editing narrative pieces

  • A proven knack for managing, mentoring and helping others develop in their careers

  • Excellent writing skills

  • An ability to jump between episodes and contribute meaningful guidance, no matter the context

  • Ability to tell Indigenous stories in creative ways

  • Knowledge of Native America

  • Exceptional communication skills, including written and as a collaborator


Apply via ZipRecruiter 


1) Email

2) Subject line should read: [Sound Editor] FirstName, LastName

3) Attach your cover letter, resume, CV and include (in order) a website link to your previous podcasts/radio shows/other professional works, and socials—Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok.

*If application is selected, required screening questions will be sent to applicant via email.*

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