Introducing our All My Relations Mug - handmade by Denesuline ceramic artist Natasha Alphonse.

What does it mean to drink from an Indigenous made and designed cup?

Natasha’s earthy and beautiful pottery is made with care. There is power in connection to earth and other Native peoples. With the cedar imprints, we like to think of this cup as a functional piece of art that can hold your prayers, so that each time you take a drink, you think of those in your life, those that have become before, those that are yet to come, and in that way, your prayers can be manifested with each sip. Having Natasha’s handcrafted pottery serves as a reminder to carry the idea of all my relations with you when you’re going through your day— even when just having your morning coffee.

All My Relations Mug by Natasha Alphonse

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